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Training Testimonial by MA

“Goals that seem unattainable become achievable.  With Paula’s expertise and guidance I have learnt first-hand the value of exercise and good nutrition and the vital role these key life elements play in maintaining health and self-worth.  From 100kg to running 12kms, triathlons and duathlons – anything is possible.”


5 km Running Programme


These 5 week running programmes are set to develop the athlete gradually, from the beginner to the already established 5km runner.

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Within these Running Training Programmes you will learn how to run productively, covering:-

.  Good Footwear – make sure you have good, supportive running shoes

.  Running Clothes – rubbing and overheating are the two main things to watch for with basic running gear

.  Good basic nutrition and hydration is essential for this training.  You will not have to get sports specific at this level of training

.   Basic running style – open chest, relax shoulders, don’t fall forwards, this will happen when unfit or your feeling fatigued. Your arm movement should be forwards and back and not across the body.  Be light on your feet, when unfit your running stride will be short and very up and down making you heavier in your steps.  As you get fitter you will become lighter.

.  Different training heart rate zoning – basic calculation is 220 minus your age.  Your most efficient training zone is within 60% to 90% of your MTHR (Maximum Training Heart Rate). Your true MTHR is the highest pulse rate you can attain during all-out effort, so by definition it is impossible to exceed this limit, most accurately determined by an electrocardiogram.  Our MTHR can vary considerably, with different ages, fitness levels and gender. Regular training has the effect of lowering your MTHR and your resting heart rate.

60% to 70% - Energy Efficient or Recovery Zone

Develops basic endurance and aerobic capacity.  All easy recovery training should be at a max of 70%.  You will be burning fat and it allows your muscles to re-energise with glycogen, which has been expended during the faster paced training.

70% to 80% - The Aerobic Zone

Develops the cardiovascular system.The body’s ability to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and away from the working muscles. As you become fitter you will benefit from fat burning and improved aerobic capacity.

80% to 90% - The Anaerobic Zone

Develops your lactic acid system.  Within this zone the amount of fat being utilised as the main source of energy is greatly reduced, the glycogen stored in the muscles is predominantly used.  One of the by-produces of burning glycogen is lactic acid.  There is a point where your body can no longer remove the lactic acid from the working muscles quick enough.  This is where your own individual anaerobic threshold (AT) is found.  Improving within this zone means you will increase your ability to deal with the lactic acid for a longer period of time or by pushing the AT higher.

90% to 100% - The Red Zone

This zone will only be possible for short periods.  It effectively trains your fast twitch muscle fibres and helps develop speed.  This zone is reserved for interval training and only the very fit are able to train effectively within this zone.

WU – Warm Up – a good productive warm up is very important.  You will find the first part of your run difficult and often uncomfortable because you need to get the bloody into the necessary working muscles and this takes time.  So easy off your pace at the star, allow this process to happen then you will be ready to up the pace. Good guideline is beginners warm up for 7-10 mins, the more advanced can warm up in less time 5-7mins. (60%-70% of MTHR)

GWL – Good Working Level and Easy Run – this is a comfortable pace you can maintain for about 30-40mins or more.  Not getting out of breath.  The less fit person is often more productive in this zone at a walk, so this is where their running training starts. This is productive for endurance training and fat burning. (keeping under 70%-75% of MTHR)

LSD – Long Slow Distance – this is a comfortable pace you can maintain for 30-40mins or more.  This aims to build up your aerobic fitness, training your cardiovascular system to deliver oxygen to the working muscles. (70%-80% of MTHR)

Tempo - builds stamina, to have the ability to sustain your maximum pace for longer and deal with lactic acid more efficiently.  Find a higher Anaerobic Threshold (AT) or also known as the Lactate Threshold (LT).  A very valuable skill for distance runners.  It is very specific and very demanding.  This training is for the more mature runner, the athlete that knows what they can and can’t do. (80%-90% MTHR)

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Beginners Programme:

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Intermediate Programme:

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Advanced Programme:

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Complete Ab Programmes Package: (Includes Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced)

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