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Training Testimonial by MA

“Goals that seem unattainable become achievable.  With Paula’s expertise and guidance I have learnt first-hand the value of exercise and good nutrition and the vital role these key life elements play in maintaining health and self-worth.  From 100kg to running 12kms, triathlons and duathlons – anything is possible.”


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Event 1

Running Group - 7am Sunday

A group to suit all abilities, from newbies to experienced runners.  You don't run as a group, its individual training. We develop in slow distances, speed and hill work as the weeks go on.

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Event 2:

Mini Triathlon 2013

Another successful Tri training programme and challenging.  17 athletes booked on and completed the event.  Its an awsome training programme.  8 weeks of specific training followed by a Mini Tri Challenge.  Long and Short Course, for all levels of fitness.  Tri Training will start again Sept/Oct 2014, so keep an eye on this Info Board.

MINI TRIATHLON 2013 - dates are now in.

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Event 3:

Ab Programmes

I have many people on these programmes, they are awesome mainly because they are very gradual.  Giving you week by week ab and core training.


Events 4:

5km specially designed RUNNING PROGRAMMES, online.  Step by Step - to help you develop at your own level.  From Beginners to Advanced Level.


Event 5:

SPIN BIKE - is now in Donnybrook

Times: Mondays 6am, Mondays 7pm, Tuesdays 9am, Wednesdays 5.45pm and Thursdays 6am.

This is BLOCK BOOKING, numbers are limited.  Please email me for more information


Event 6:

PILATES - Held at the beautiful Billabong B & B, just outside Boyanup.

.  Learn Correct Exercise Technique - technique before intensity

.  Increase Body Awareness

.  Improve Posture

.  Stabilise and Strengthen Core

.  Total Body Stabilisation, Flexibility and Strengthening

.  Decrease Stress

.  Improve Training and Sporting Ability

.  Manage and Prevent Injuries

Numbers are limited.  Block Booking so please contact me to save your place