Running Programmes


Training Testimonial by MA

“Goals that seem unattainable become achievable.  With Paula’s expertise and guidance I have learnt first-hand the value of exercise and good nutrition and the vital role these key life elements play in maintaining health and self-worth.  From 100kg to running 12kms, triathlons and duathlons – anything is possible.”



Pilates (fundamental mat and reformer) - this training develops from referral or massage treatment room - to establish and gain :-

. concentration in training

. body awareness in your own body, rehab and training

. slow, controlled movements - with correct chains of muscle contraction

. awareness in correct ailment and activation

. awareness, strength and stability in movements

. stability strength is gained to allow posture correction and endurance in our functional moves


Spin Bike sessions for cardio fitness.  Safe low impact but once established it aids high intensity.

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