Running Programmes


Training Testimonial by MA

“Goals that seem unattainable become achievable.  With Paula’s expertise and guidance I have learnt first-hand the value of exercise and good nutrition and the vital role these key life elements play in maintaining health and self-worth.  From 100kg to running 12kms, triathlons and duathlons – anything is possible.”


Massage Testimonial by LT

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Not sore after the treatment, it feels great.  I think the stretching also helped my lower back, so great for just one session. After the second session I had no pain at all in my injured knee, my knee has been awesome. LT

LT April 20, 2014

Massage Testimonial by SG

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The massage was brilliant.  I got more out of that massage than I have had of any of the massages I’ve had in the past.  I am very keen to get my leg better to be able to train more. SG

SG April 20, 2014